Do you know what Libra is like at work?

For a Libra, the ideal job would allow them to see people every day and thus have a lot of human contact. As soon as they are in a position where they can meet and charm people, professionally speaking, they are in their element. As soon as they are not alone, Libras become much more productive. If by chance a Libra loses their job, they never let it get them down because they believe in their skills. 

They will tend to rely on their relationships to help them bounce back, and as people usually think well of Libras, they are often inclined to give them a hand.

Libras have a good entrepreneurial sense so may even consider setting up in business for themselves. That said, they will often begin supported by someone they trust, and usually aim for a business that involves plenty of human contact!


teamwork, chatting with colleagues, relaxed atmospheres


working alone, being denied their rights, making clear choices

What are Libra's favorite professions?

Because Libra likes to discuss, analyze, and use their diplomatic skills, they make excellent mediators. Knowing that they are always fighting for what is right, Libra will enjoy working in the world of justice. Generally speaking, they make very good lawyers thanks to their unique persuasive powers. They are also good at human resources because of their natural empathy for others.

Libras also have a predisposition for everything related to arts, crafts and culture. Thus, they make very good art dealers because they immediately know what is beautiful and what has value, in addition to easily understanding what buyers are looking for. Since Libras are obsessed with their appearance, they succeed very well in the aesthetic trades. They are also comfortable in the field of architecture and interior decoration; in fact, these activities bring together everything that Libras like best, creating style and harmony everywhere!

« At work, harmony and discussion are essential to my balance. »

How can you work with a Libra and avoid conflicts?

Working with a Libra is generally pleasant as they are usually in an equable mood and welcoming when you arrive in the morning. As long as they can satisfy their need for a little gossip, they will be happy. However, a Libra will end up knowing far more about you than you do about them! They are always diligent at work and not the type to make a mess or get angry. 
On the other hand, if a Libra is the boss, they will be very strict, even though they prefer relaxed atmospheres. They don't want to be seen as being lenient and so won't be as friendly as usual. They won't tolerate any breach of the rules and regulations!

Avoiding conflicts with Libra is not complicated, you just need to be as nice as they are and never do the dirty on them. They hate conflict, so they are not going to provoke it. However, if you do them out of what's right then expect a severe backlash, they will be merciless!

What's Libra's relationship to money and work?

Libra has a very ambivalent relationship with money. They see it as a way of getting everything they want, and given how devoted they are to appearances, it's easy to understand their difficulty in resisting impulse buys. Libra also hates being deprived and works towards satisfying all their needs. Be aware, however, that they have no desire to save for rainy days. 

They try to be careful not to overstep the mark with regard to spending but they do find it very hard to say no! Most of their purchases are for improving their appearance or their home but they are also generous to those they love.

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