Do you know what the Libra child is like?

Smart, helpful, popular

Always very sociable and friendly, the Libra child takes learning seriously and will always do their utmost to make their parents proud of them. Their curiosity about life will depend on their parents' encouragement and approval because they are little beings who are always afraid of displeasing and losing the love that is given to them. Once they know they have mom and dad's unconditional support they will do wonders in order to become autonomous.

The Libra child is very close to their mother and may find the separation difficult when they go to school. If you want a Libra child to adapt well to the school environment, remember that the more approved and accepted they feel, the more secure they will be. And, of course, a good relationship with their teacher is essential. Otherwise, the young Libra may develop psychosomatic illnesses, like stomach aches or sore throats, to signal their unhappiness.


team games, making friends, working hard in all circumstances


loneliness, fighting, taking risks

What is the Libra baby like?

Cheerful, affectionate, funny

The Libra baby is a sensitive being and very responsive to sensory input. They are cheerful babies, easily amused and don't need much to make them happy. The Libra baby learns to appreciate their comfort very early on and likes soft pastel colors in their room. Their desire to be pampered is also strong and they appreciate their mother's gentle words and lots of kisses. 

They particularly like calm, and don't argue in front of them as they already hate noise and conflict. Very early on, the baby Libra knows how to use their charm to get what they want from their parents or anyone else!

What is the Libra teenager like?

Easy to live with, respectful, smiling

The teenage Libra's wants remain linked to their quest for popularity and their need to have fun. They often observe life from a distance, with a touch of irony. With a Libra teenager there should be no risk of screams and slamming doors, they're really not frustrated with their parents. 

Already very smart, they practice the art of compromise, letting their parents believe they will be as good as gold and will obey all the rules. And despite the risk of being caught out in a lie they are completely calm. Apart from being with their friends, teenage Libra's favorite hobby is flirting and attention seeking. They fall in love easily and deeply and it's not unusual for them to be shattered into pieces after a break-up. 

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