Do you know how Libra behaves in family life?

Libras have a very idealized vision of marriage. For them, it is the logical conclusion of a loving relationship and is almost sacred. Libras often envy friends who get married before them. They tend to imagine their existence must be wonderful, even though they know that no relationship can be a walk in the park all the time. The fact remains, this is the most important contract of their life for any Libra, and hence their hesitation before they finally say yes.

A Libra is not against the idea of becoming a parent but needs the ideal partner before they'll really consider it. For them, this must always be a joint decision. However, as Libras often mimic what they see around them, if one of their friends has children it may awaken their desire for their own. Since they feel a need to keep in balance with everyone who is a part of their life, if their friends have children, they will too!


playing referee, spending time with the family for the holidays, prioritizing their partner


conflict, being in a close-knit family, staying at home.

5 reasons why Libra is a good parent

  • The Libra parent hates conflict, so will be diplomatic with their children but also knows how to be firm when the occasion requires it.
  • The Libra parent is keen for their children to be sociable and open-minded.
  • The Libra parent is a clever mix of calmness and dynamism, happily drawing their children into a variety of activities.
  • The Libra parent does a great job of pushing their children to ask questions that will spark their intellect.
  • The Libra parent knows how to manage their children's moods and teach them to create links with the other children around them. They are keen to teach good manners, a feeling for nuance and the art of living in society. As Libra cares about their appearance, they will also teach their children to look after themselves, dress well and above all, not let themselves go. 

« For me, the art of compromise is necessary for a successful family life »

How can you manage a family conflict with a Libra?

Generally, a Libra does everything they can not to stay angry when there is a conflict. It would leave a bitter taste in their mouth and they would constantly be thinking about it. Libras believe that reaching out to others in order to find a solution is anything but a weakness. They believe every disagreement can be solved and it is necessary to establish a dialogue before it can escalate.

To settle things with a Libra you just need to find common ground, but first everyone needs to express what they feel is wrong and their expectations. Libras are ever ready to take the first step because they hate being in a negative situation.

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