Do you know how Pisces behaves in family life?

Pisces is very keen on the idea of a marriage that meets their romantic idea of how a couple should be. In the blink of an eye, they can visualize the elegant setting in which they will say "yes", something worthy of a TV show. Pisces love weddings but most importantly, they dream of creating a spiritual bond with the person they love most in the world. Just knowing that they are bound body and soul to their other half, will make them swoon with emotion.

When it comes to parenthood, Pisces wants children but will never plan for them. In addition, they need to trust their intuition to choose the right person. They know that having children is a huge responsibility and, despite all the love they have to give, are afraid they might not be up to parenting. They will only take the step if they feel they have the resources to take it on.


complaining, being reassured, take care of their own


revealing their thoughts, constraints, facing reality

5 reasons why Pisces is a good parent

  • The Pisces parent is tender, tactile and overly emotional. Above all, they are a very caring parent who likes to be there for every stage of their children's lives. They will always treasure the memory of the first pasta necklace made in kindergarten and the pride they felt at every graduation ceremony.
  • The Pisces parent is intuitive. They can easily discern when their children are a bit down and always know how to comfort them.
  • The Pisces parent is generous, loving and fusional. They listen to their children and support them without judging them.
  • The Pisces parent will sacrifice whatever is necessary and devote themselves body and soul to ensuring their offspring lack for nothing. They want their children to be surrounded by a bubble of comfort, to be as healthy and well-protected as possible.
  • The Pisces parent likes to create a soft and harmonious atmosphere, with lots of cuddles and moments of tenderness.

« Indulgent and sensitive, I would do anything for the happiness of my family. »

How can you manage a family conflict with a Pisces?

Pisces has a clear tendency to try to conceal anything that is wrong. This means that in the event of a conflict, they will look for a diversion so they can focus on something else and forget the problem. It is rare for Pisces to be openly angry. When they get angry, they will try to mask it by exasperating you while appearing to be completely passive, to the point of driving you crazy. They are very good at this game!

Fortunately, Pisces has a clear tendency to forgive even when they shouldn't. As long as they still feel affection for the person they are angry with, they always end up wiping the slate clean. Expressing your feelings honestly is still the best way to get a Pisces to declare a truce.

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