Do you know what Pisces is like at work?

Pisces perceives the professional environment as a difficult and cruel place. Already uncomfortable at school, work seems like a real jungle where they gradually learn how to survive. Even if they like their work, the workplace will never be an ideal environment for them because it is in conflict with their true personality. Pisces are totally unambitious, altruistic and hate competition, they are about sharing, not profit.

If Pisces lose their jobs, they may become anxious about being excluded from society, but a part of them is also relieved to no longer feel trapped in the rat race. So a Pisces' ideal job would be one that was completely devoid of financial and commercial objectives. Their vocation is for jobs that help others, ones in the spiritual domain or an artistic profession where they work behind the scenes.


equality, altruism, helping others


regular schedules, staying still for hours, using brute force to make themselves respected

What are the Pisces' favorite professions?

Pisces are very sensitive and empathetic beings, naturally turned to careers in the humanitarian or medical sector. Since they like helping people and alleviating their suffering, these types of jobs are ideal. When ordinary people think of big salaries and other perks, Pisces thinks of their heart, well-being and harmony. So it's not uncommon to see Pisces leave their comfortable surroundings to go far away and live in precarious conditions just in order to help other people. In the same vein, many Pisces tend towards a career as a doctor or nurse, or something in alternative medicine. Any of the social professions can be suitable for Pisces as they provide support to vulnerable people.

The other field that corresponds well to Pisces is art. Design, painting and sculpture are abstract disciplines that Pisces excels at. Writing, cinema or even music also suit them perfectly. And finally, Pisces are attracted to spiritual professions as clairvoyants and mediums because their sensitivity is a real asset in this sector.

« For me, helping others is much more than a job, it is a real vocation. »

How can you work with a Pisces and avoid conflict?

Even when a Pisces is sailing through troubled waters they do not become a shark. Some may think that their apparent passivity makes them easy prey. Being used as a scapegoat at work is one of their biggest worries. If they have a problem with a colleague, they won't make a lot of fuss trying to get their views respected. Their reaction is more likely to be to put some distance between themselves and the people who are offending them. When this is not possible, they will fall back on their technique of feigning indifference and retreating into their own little world. This usually has the effect of really annoying other people because it deprives them of any control over Pisces.

As an employee, Pisces is totally devoted if given the chance to prove themselves. As the boss, they are very attentive to what their staff say. They know how to be firm if necessary but also how to adapt so everyone finds their proper place in the company.

What's a Pisces' relationship to money and work?

There's nothing noble about money for a Pisces, so they have a difficult relationship with finance. They are definitely not a slave to money and have no intention of becoming one. Pisces is one of the most disinterested signs of the zodiac and hates misers. For their part, they are very generous and it's not uncommon for their bank account to be overdrawn.

And it's true that Pisces likes to shop. They always say it's just going to be window shopping and they always end up yielding to temptation and coming back home with clothes, shoes, furniture, household appliances, etc., not to mention anything that could be useful to the people they love. If this sign is addicted, to cigarettes or gambling for example, they will squander their money on feeding their addictions.

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