Do you know what Pisces is like in love?

Pisces has a very rich inner life, which is what makes them introverted most of the time. However, at times, they can display a completely different character. They know how to understand an atmosphere so they blend in completely and can then appear extroverted. They seem as if they are completely comfortable in society but are really hiding their true nature. They prefer to keep their character and thoughts private. It is probable that no-one really knows the true depths of a Pisces.

It should also be noted that Pisces are frequently subject to irrational fears such as being rejected or left completely alone. Their biggest fear is that their extreme sensitivity will make them totally unsuited to the world around them.


complicated stories, sacrificing themselves for the other, escaping mentally


ease, conflicts, lack of tenderness

How can you seduce a Pisces?

In order to attract a Pisces into your nets, go slowly and above all don't rush them! Pisces are sensitive beings and always ask themselves a lot of questions. Something they particularly appreciate is relationships that form gradually. In fact, Pisces need to take their time, get to know this new person slowly so they can understand who they are. Know they are very good at this game and can easily sense your emotions and your inner character. If they feel confident, they will gradually open up to you.

To please Pisces, it is essential to show you are serious because ephemeral relationships do not interest them. Show you are sincere and tender, add a touch of mystery and some poetry, and you'll have a good chance of piquing their interest. However, do not hesitate to take the first step because they often doubt what they see. They may not understand your real intentions at all, and believe you just want to be friends, so don’t leave any doubt about your true feelings.

« The love of my life needs to make me dream while helping me to face reality. »

What's it like being in a couple with a Pisces?

Pisces needs to feel that their partner is their other half and an integral part of their life. They enjoy spending time with their partner, without seeming possessive, and are ready to do anything to make a relationship last. In everyday life, Pisces is reliable and attentive to their partner's needs. However, they are regularly beset by doubt and often need to be reassured about their partner's feelings. Regular signs of affection can stop them retreating into an inner world from which you will be excluded.

When Pisces feels valued and calm, they do everything possible to make their relationship work. They will make every effort to support a spouse and children and will assume any responsibility without complaining.

Sex – What does Pisces desire?

Pisces, whether male or female, needs to have both physical and emotional desire in order to have a fulfilling romantic relationship. Thanks to their skill at listening and ability to "hear" their partner's unspoken desires, Pisces is an ideal lover, who puts their partner's pleasure before their own.

For this sign, sex represents a true communion of souls. It is also for this reason that the idea of fusion is so important to them. Although their method of seduction is all about subtlety, once under the covers the Pisces is overwhelmingly passionate. There are no limits, and no desires are taboo. They give themselves over to totally unbridled sensuality until they are submerged in waves of dizzying sensations.

However, you should know that Pisces is also happy being celibate for a while. Unlike other signs that see these periods as a sacrifice, Pisces is quite content.

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