Do you know what the Pisces child is like?

Dreamer, gentle, distracted

The Pisces child has an unfortunate tendency to confuse dreams with reality, which can cause problems as they grow up. They are endowed with extreme kindness and never want to hurt others. Unfortunately, they have a severe lack of self-confidence. Their natural passivity means they are defenseless when other children decide to be cruel. The low self-confidence of the Pisces child also leads them to be indecisive and lack the willpower to finish things.

At school, the Pisces child is always trying to please someone; whether it's parents or teachers, their goal is not to disappoint anyone. They are very sensitive to the atmosphere around them and the behavior of the children they are with. Therefore, if they have hardworking friends, they will be hardworking too. On the other hand, badly behaved children will influence Pisces to act in the same way. It is therefore important to pay attention to the friends they make and to encourage them to finish their homework rather than daydreaming.


team games, discovering different worlds, showing their affection


authority, being assertive, telling you about their day

What is the Pisces baby like?

Sensitive, fragile, complex

The Pisces baby loves cuddles and kisses, they have a lot of love to give and receive. They are sensitive beings who want to be carried a lot and they tend to cry as soon as they sense mom or dad pulling away. They seek attention constantly and need lots of signs of affection. 

From a young age, the Pisces baby is empathetic and intuitive. They easily absorb and reflect the emotions around them. In order to keep a Pisces baby calm, a regular routine is good. If they feel intimidated in any way, they will tend to close up on themselves, so it's important to encourage them to express themselves very early on.

What is the Pisces teenager like?

Sensitive, fragile, influenceable

The Pisces teenager often goes through periods of retreat and depression. The reassuring landmarks of their childhood disappear one after the other and everything gets confused in their head. Their thoughts and emotions are so confused that they can solve their problems only by doing what is expected of them. However, since they don't want to upset anyone, they find it hard to make a decision and stick to it. When something disturbs the Pisces teenager, their automatic reaction will be to look totally indifferent but this isn't really lack of interest, it's a self-defense reflex. They'll shut themselves off to ruminate and calm their fear. 

Paradoxically, Pisces teenagers are great romantics, but want to give more than they receive. Love makes them understanding and delicate but also elusive and inaccessible because they want to ensure they don't spoil their ideals.

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