Do you know what Aries is like at work?

Generally, Aries aren't seen as model employees because they really can't tolerate repetitive tasks. They need to be stimulated and not always have someone looking over their shoulders. As long as they find work challenging, they will be completely committed and willing to work as many hours as necessary to achieve the goal they've set themselves. 
There's no point beating around the bush: Aries is made to be the boss, convincing and negotiating are their best assets. On the other hand, they are very independent beings but will need someone to help with administrative tasks.

Their biggest dream is to have a job that reflects their passion and it is essential they feel they can always do it better. When it comes to it, they are more like a sprinter than a marathon runner so will tend to work in short, concentrated bursts and not to a regular rhythm.

In the long term, Aries do not see themselves practicing the same profession for 40 years. They need to change jobs regularly because staying in the same place for too long is simply inconceivable.


competition, negotiation, finding new ideas


a strict framework, fixed hours, multiple obligations

What are Aries favorite professions?

In their career Aries are most comfortable when there is lots of action, they can show their creative side and they have challenges to meet. Professions that are very busy, require rigor and even a form of courage suit them very well.

As they are not afraid of risk they are drawn to professions like the police, the army or firefighting. Because of their charisma and persuasive strengths, they also make good entrepreneurs, businessmen and traders. Aries likes jobs that require ambition and appreciation of risk such as working in financial services and the stock market As they are very inventive there are a lot of Aries in advertising, architecture and audio-visual professions. Aries are very dynamic and have the strengths required to make a brilliant career in professional sport. 

« A whole career in the same sector? Not really my bag! »

How can you work with an Aries and avoid conflict?

You might as well accept it right now; you are unlikely to avoid conflict with an Aries. Even if they manage to hold back for a while, they'll always end up saying what they think, whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter if you are the boss, they really don't care. In any case, they don't recognize authority and find it hard to obey anyone. 

On the other hand, if they are the boss, as they have a tendency to always be in a rush, if you have something to say do it quickly and frankly. The best advice you can have is to get straight to the point.

What's an Aries' relationship to money and work?

Aries is not known for being very economical. Money is there to be used to meet their needs and enjoy life. If they want to buy something they'll do everything possible to get it quickly, so money tends to run through their fingers. Work is, above all, about paying for their passions and as long as they can do that, they may even forget about keeping enough money back for the bills.

They are not bothered about borrowing and if asked to lend money to a relative will do so gladly, although it's better to ask for it at the beginning of the month! 

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