Do you know what Aries is like in love?

Aries is characterized by behavior that is often excessive, they may be worried and sometimes anxious, but won't be shouting it from the rooftops. They find expressing emotions difficult to manage because it makes them feel vulnerable and they hate being in a position of weakness. This means they tend to hide their emotions and feelings. They find it easier to establish themselves in a position of power so tend to direct their love life a little like they do their professional life, it may look like a battlefield but they find that reassuring. 


independent partners, surprises, feeling admired


indecisive partners, feeling possessed, demonstrations of affection

What's it like being in a relationship with an Aries? 

If they feel you are underestimating or neglecting them an Aries quickly tends to get tired of a relationship. They are a demanding partner who wants both intellectual and physical stimulation. They need to feel challenged and always up for new adventures when they are with you. Of course, they also need to be given some freedom. 

To live happily with Aries, you must be seen to be independent. They believe each half of a couple needs their own interests and friends in order to have a healthy relationship. 

« Without passion and renewal, no relationship can last over time. »

How can you seduce an Aries?

If you want to please an Aries, it's simple enough. Generally, they make the first move but if you want to do it just remember you must not, under any circumstances, be hesitant. You will need to be dynamic and enthusiastic and above all make sure they don't get bored when they're with you. Choose your words carefully so they don't feel less intelligent than you. Given their dominant character it's in your interest to make them believe they are in charge, even if you are the one pulling the strings behind the scenes. 

The other important thing to know is that they don't like public gestures of affection, so don't get affectionate too quickly. In fact, Aries feels uncomfortable with signs of attachment as they quickly see them as more like signs of possession. This may well conflict with their character as they don't like to feel like an object that can be owned. 

Sex – What does Aries desire?  

Aries is an impulsive sign and has intense bursts of passion. Suffice to say that romance is not their priority, they are more into spontaneity. Their thing is to have lots of fast sex. It's not uncommon for them to sleep with a partner on a first date and if you suggest an unusual place to have some physical fun they will be delighted. 

What turns them on is taking a dominant role. They love to play like a cat with a mouse and their greatest satisfaction is making their prey surrender. They like taking risks and the feeling of danger that they might be caught in action. With Aries, don't expect lots of foreplay or cuddling and chat afterwards. Forget the hearts and flowers, the only thing that counts is the act.

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