Do you know what the Aries child is like?

Independence, resourcefulness, excellent memory

From a very young age Aries is a daredevil, always on the go and with no limits. Very independent, they don't need to be told what to do, they have already decided on what they like, their preferred toys and games and who they want to be with. They are always looking for new activities and rarely get bored. 

On the other hand, the Aries child is a fighter and already reacts immediately if they're not happy with something. They are always spontaneous, for good and bad. Therefore, they're not afraid of fighting other children and will even provoke a fight if they think it's necessary. It's a way of testing their own limits and fighting their fears. However, they have their own code of honor and would never attack someone weaker than they are. They prefer provoking the strongest, otherwise where's the fun in it? The threat of being punished doesn't stop them and the more things are forbidden the more likely they will be to break the rules. 


using their energy, having an answer for everything, being a winner


violence, obedience, second-guessing

What is the Aries baby like?

Independence, honesty, spontaneity 

The Aries baby is already a very impatient being. Watch out for your ears as you'll probably hear them scream if they have to wait for a bottle. And this will also be the case whenever you make them wait for something they want. They like to be able to see their mom at all times and to be constantly offered new things to do. 

The Aries baby also loves to be admired for acting the clown and exploring their environment. Like all good clowns, they expect applause when they do something new. 

What is the Aries teenager like?

Speed, curiosity, dexterity

The Aries teenager acts as they see fit and doesn't respect the rules too much. They prefer to live life to the full and don't worry about schedules and obligations. They take advantage of their freedom and rejoice in their rebellious side. In fact, they are often in revolt against society, other teenagers, their parents or even themselves. Without trying to smother or overprotect them, they need special attention.

Like many teenagers, Aries like to provoke, destabilize and regularly test their parents. So those responsible for their education will need to be firm or Aries will exploit any cracks mercilessly. Since traditional punishments don't work well with Aries it will be necessary to find another way of setting limits by making them responsible very early on. To help them use up all that excess energy, enroll them in a sporting activity that will help channel their aggression. 

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