Do you know how Aries behaves in family life?

Aries have a good relationship with their families. Nevertheless, they will find long family reunions difficult to take because they need to be active. They love talking about the things that excite them and the conversation can easily become heated because Aries always has something to say and they aren't always diplomatic in how they react and can say hurtful things.

Aries is not keen on marriage because they are afraid of getting stuck with the same person for the rest of their lives. If they do marry it will be on a whim but their partners should never take them for granted because they can easily want their freedom back. When it comes to being a parent, Aries doesn't see it as a duty to have children. If there are children, well and good, but if there aren't they are happy too. Since they have a hard time dealing with obligations it is difficult for them to think about someone else being entirely dependent on them. If they embark on a baby project it will probably be on impulse because if they have to plan, they will find reasons not to do it. 


sharing their passions, frank discussions, activities with loved ones


staying at home, long family reunions, applying advice received from relatives

5 reasons why Aries is a good parent

  • Aries does not necessarily have the patience to take care of tedious tasks such as homework, appointments with the pediatrician, taking children to soccer or dance lessons, etc. However, the Aries parent makes a natural head of the family. They make the decisions that are necessary when they are necessary. 
  • An Aries parent raises their children to appreciate the need for effort. Even when you fail, no whining, just try again and again until you succeed.
  • The Aries parent likes to spend time playing with their children and having them work out by practicing sport together. 
  • The Aries parent likes to teach their children to be independent and instills values like courage and a sense of responsibility. 
  • The Aries parent wants their children to have a good education. They are not indulgent and insist on discipline very early on, even if they have immense tenderness for their kids. This is, of course, a bit of a paradox since Aries always refuses to accept the authority of others over them!

« Even if they do not always show it, they would give their life to protect their clan. »

How can you manage a family conflict with an Aries?

If you find yourself in a family disagreement with an Aries, take a step back from the tensions you feel. Do not be tempted to make a drama out of any conflict you have with an Aries. Aries lives on an emotional roller coaster; that is, they can quickly find themselves in a towering rage and just as quickly be calm again. Anger is as much a part of them as joy and sadness. So don't try to solve the problem while tempers are hot, let the steam clear and talk when you feel the pressure has gone down. 

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