Do you know what the Cancer child is like?

Gentle, compassionate, wise

Cancer is a calm and very cuddly child who needs to be encouraged to become independent. They like to be the focus of their parents' attention. In addition, the arrival of a little brother or sister is likely to arouse a lot of jealousy until they understand that this stranger is not a threat. 

The Cancer child has trouble with firsts (walking, potty training, school). They need to be prepared well in advance so they don't get too anxious. And don't forget to congratulate them when they do succeed, so they learn to be more self-confident. At school, they are only willing to make an effort if they are interested and their teacher is nice. This is a child whose emotions are very important. If they feel loved, they will always give the best of themselves. 


being the center of their parents' attention, sharing their toys, dreaming


separations, sharing their mother's affection with brothers and sisters, instability

What is the Cancer baby like?

Affectionate, receptive, sensitive

The Cancer baby is adorable and is already very sensitive. They are very emotional and quickly react to any changes in the emotional or family atmosphere that upset them. They are already creatures of habit, because routine is secure and reassuring. 

Cancer are sweet and affectionate babies who have an enormous need for tenderness and give back even more affection than they receive. From an early age, the Cancer baby is sensitive, easily offended and can react violently if told off. Cancer babies are real emotional sponges, and from an early age can use their intuition and receptivity to detect emotional changes in their parents. 

What is the Cancer teenager like?

Solitary, romantic, modest

The Cancer teenager is very introvert and prone to mood swings. From one moment to the next, they can be demanding hugs and kisses like a little child or telling you to go away because they don't like clingy parents! The teenage Cancer is very conservative, they want to cling on to everything that reminds them of their childhood, which they find difficult to leave behind. It is therefore a period when they will be sorely lacking in self-confidence, and as a result fearful of criticism, aggressive people, noisy places or conflict. 

They will tend to take refuge in being alone and dreaming of their childhood when they felt protected and safe. The teenage Cancer often finds themselves torn between the inevitability of growing up and a past that draws them back.

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