Do you know what Cancer is like in love?

Cancer is a very introverted sign that has a lot of trouble expressing emotions. They are so sensitive that they like to create a shell around themselves, to protect them from external aggressions. They often need some alone time to recharge their batteries and fill up on the energy necessary to face a world that they perceive as dangerous. 

They are very intuitive and often listen to their feelings, which can be very strong. They also prefer to conceal their feelings when possible, shielding themselves from the outside world. For them, there is always something to worry about. To compensate for this, they will tend to overprotect those they love. 


commitment, fidelity, safety


disrespect, deception, feeling abandoned

What's it like being in a relationship with a Cancer? 

If their partner seems like a good match, Cancer will quickly think about getting married and having children. In everyday life, it's nice living with a Cancer as they are attentive, loving, and nurturing. They like taking care of their home and their children. If you want a fulfilling relationship with this sign of the Zodiac you must first be aware of their emotions and ready to soothe their anxieties. If you ignore their feelings, Cancer can quickly be in tears. 

As they are prone to depression, anything that they see as a lack of love will create a feeling of abandonment that will be hard to undo. So, don't make a drama out of any situation and above all don't ignore their emotions!

« Without love, my life has no meaning. »

How can you seduce a Cancer?

Be aware that Cancer rarely takes the initiative when it comes to seduction so it will be up to you to take the first steps. In the rare case that they risk approaching someone, they will talk about anything other than the real reason they are there! Because Cancers are very sensitive and emotional, they are rarely at ease during a first date. They prefer to find out about people a little at a time and also adopt the same approach when it comes to letting you know about themselves. Which means, you don't need any scary heavy artillery, just remember not to talk too much about yourself and give them time to get used to the relationship. 

If you're planning a date, a quiet dinner for two in a cozy restaurant will make them feel more confident. Above all, don't offend their sensitivities, or else they'll completely clam up. Let them see your self-confidence but also let them move at their own pace, this way you'll find out more about their lives and how they feel. 

Sex – What does Cancer desire? 

Cancer is not the type to want lots of conquests and for them physical intimacy is something very special you do with your romantic partner. They cannot understand how some people can have sex with partners for whom they have no romantic feelings.

If you want to get a Cancer under the covers, you'll need to provide a romantic setting, well secluded from prying eyes. This sign is a big fan of foreplay. As a sexual partner they are full of tenderness, affection and skill, able to give themselves without guilt, sincerely and with passion, provided, of course, they completely trust the person they are with. The Cancer man prefers a partner who is sweet, enveloping and reassuring, even maternal, who will enjoy playing games where he is cosseted and pampered, and perhaps gently reprimanded! Be that as it may, Cancer will usually only reach nirvana if their emotions match their certainty of having met their soul mate. 

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