Do you know what Cancer is like at work?

For Cancer, the world of work feels like a jungle in which they are never very comfortable. They feel they have to constantly defend themselves and even if they do manage to protect their interests work doesn't really fulfil them. In fact, for Cancer to feel their best they need to work in the quiet of their home, which isn't always possible.

Cancer is not driven by great ambition. If told they would be in the same company for life, they would be quite happy as that would meet their need for security. The ideal profession for them is one that allows them to exercise their imagination, such as being a musician or writer. They would also enjoy being a genealogist as they are focused on the past and on family ties. Work related to children could also suit as they love children. 

One thing is certain, they find the idea of being unemployed really worrying because of their fear of being unable to pay for their family's needs.


listening, understanding, helping others


conflicts, alienating their managers, pretending

What are Cancers' favorite professions?

With their highly developed listening skills, analytical spirit and Olympian calm, Cancer is well suited to jobs in human resources where their unselfishness will be useful. From the same point of view, Cancer also makes a good psychologist thanks to their sense of observation and ability to analyze; people speak more easily around them. Since they don't judge and are naturally objective, they have the neutral stance that is essential for a good therapist. They are also suited to working as a specialist educator.

Thanks to their marked sensitivity, Cancer can feel happy in creative or artistic professions. It is therefore not uncommon to find Cancer in the field of music, cinema, art or writing. Finally, given their caring and creative side, Cancer enjoys exercising their talents in cooking, which can also give them more of the family atmosphere that they love so much.

« For me, the world of work is a jungle that I would like to escape from in order to live more serenely. »

How can you work with a Cancer and avoid conflict?

In the professional field, do not rely on Cancer being benevolent because even though they tolerate the authority of the boss, they hate being treated like a doormat and will do anything to ensure it doesn't happen. 

If the atmosphere at work is bad a Cancer's morale will be severely affected, so they do their best to avoid situations of conflict. Because they are very sensitive, they are easily offended. When that happens, their first reflex is to withdraw from the situation and then retaliate as soon as the opportunity arises. It doesn't matter if it takes a week or five years, Cancer will get you when you're least expecting it. They definitely hold a grudge, never forget anything that has been said or done and will pay you back sooner or later. So the moral of this story is be careful what you say to them and how you say it!

What's a Cancer's relationship to money and work?

Cancer has a very variable relationship with money. In fact, everything depends on their mood. If they feel good, they are perfectly capable of saving for a rainy day and they like having a little something set aside just in case. But if they are feeling down Cancer will spend whatever it takes to reassure themselves, although it won't be on shoes or clothes but rather food to fill their inner void.

Above all, work allows Cancer to raise enough money to acquire real estate and they will be very careful not to touch that money even if it means putting it into a locked savings account so they can be sure not to spend it.

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