Do you know how Cancer behaves in family life?

Cancers tend to have a traditional approach to life that some might characterize as old-fashioned. From a young age, they dream of a wedding just like in the fairy tales: uniting two families, lots of friends, lots of food, lots of music, etc. Generally, they try to make the dream a reality as soon as they leave their parents' home, which reflects their constant search for security. Whether emotional or material, security is at the center of their preoccupations. 

Becoming a parent is an obvious step in life to Cancer. For them, it expresses the continuity of life and it's also a way of detaching themselves from their own mother. Whether male or female, Cancer has a pronounced parental instinct. The idea of feeding, taking care of and protecting little beings who depend solely on them fills them with happiness. 


feeding, sheltering, protecting the youngest


talking about themselves, moving on from childhood, emotional overflows

5 reasons why Cancer is a good parent

  • The Cancer parent is very protective so they always keep an eye on their brood and do everything they can to care for them. 
  • The Cancer parent takes their role seriously, they are totally dedicated to their children and to what they consider to be their clan in general. 
  • The Cancer parent is receptive to the needs of their young ones and their sensitivity means they can adapt to the needs of each of their children. 
  • The Cancer parent supports their children as they discover the world while protecting them as much as possible from possible external risks
  • The Cancer parent reassures, supervises and nourishes their children without ever getting tired of repetitive or thankless tasks. They even have a little trouble cutting the cord and can sometimes become overly protective. However, they never deliberately deprive their children of freedom, their actions reflect their overwhelming need to keep the children safe. 

« No one touches my family, it is sacred! »

How can you manage a family conflict with Cancer?

In the family, when Cancer is angry, they shut down completely. They retreat into their shell and sulk. In fact, being cross makes them unable to express themselves, all they can do is ruminate and slowly digest what has happened. And the more you try to entice them out of their shell, the more they'll retreat. They also have a tendency to compensate for the stress by eating everything within reach.

Therefore, it's better to give them time to calm down and not try to tackle them right away. Be patient and write them a note explaining your point of view and how you feel. This may not solve the whole problem, but it will have the merit of restarting communication.

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