Do you know what Taurus is like in love?

Taurus is one of the signs that has the hardest time expressing its emotions. If they love you, they won't tell you directly but prefer to show their love by gestures, gifts, etc. They have a lot of trouble expressing their feelings out loud and when they are pushed to do so have to really fight with themselves. They tend to hide their emotions and put on armor to protect themselves. But even if they don't say anything, their actions show they care deeply. 


gestures of affection, lasting relationships, proving their love in concrete ways


spendthrifts, lazy people, idleness

What's it like being in a couple with a Taurus? 

You need to know that if you are in a relationship with a Taurus, they will be possessive, right from the very beginning. Therefore, while reassuring them of your intentions, you will need to be firm about your independence. Make them understand that they don't have the right to interfere in every area of your life, no matter how strong their anxiety or their fear of being abandoned.

Taurus has an overprotective side which means they take care of those they love but can easily become suffocating. So it's important to sets limits right from the outset so you don't lose your individuality and freedom to act. 

« In love, Taurus does not share. What is mine is mine! »

How to seduce a Taurus?

To seduce a Taurus, you don't have to be too complicated, simplicity is best. Taurus is not interested in over-the-top or pretentious people. They don't like novelty or the unknown, so loud, extroverted people who love to be noticed will just make them run away! Taurus needs to be able to trust you, feel reassured around you and understand that you are sincere. In fact, what melts their heart is the mirror effect. If they think that your behavior and temperament are like theirs, you will interest them. The moral of this tale is to be simple and natural; they love a genuine person. And there's no point pretending with a Taurus, they'll see through you straight away. 

What can end up seducing a Taurus, besides being like them, is their feeling that you are responsible and safe. They need to protect themselves by being with someone who has their feet on the ground, a sense of duty and a need to always do better. And if, on top of that, you know how to balance a budget and don't throw money down the drain, you are an ideal partner for a Taurus. 

Sex – What does Taurus desire? 

For Taurus sex is inseparable from love. And it's impossible to love someone without manifesting that love physically. Taurus therefore needs to touch, to feel, to use all their senses to awaken their desire. They have a reputation for being very good in bed. They aren't fans of speed and prefer to take their time and fully enjoy every moment with their partner. 

Taurus also believes that sensuality is an essential element of sex. Expect to spend a lot of time in foreplay. They are very patient and need lots of imaginative caresses to arouse their full potential. So never deprive them of this essential phase! When it comes to sex, Taurus is rather traditionalist and doesn't go in for circus acrobatics or things that are out of the ordinary. 

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