Do you know what Sagittarius is like in love?

Sagittarius is a totally extroverted being. Like most fire signs, Sagittarius is simple and direct. When they feel emotions, positive or negative, they express them without hesitation. Moreover, few people know how to express their happiness and joy like Sagittarius. And even when they feel pain or anger, they don't hold onto those negative feelings long and quickly return to their usual optimistic nature. 

The advantage with this sign is that you always know how they are feeling and what to do about it because they never hide what they think. With them, everything is spontaneous and transparent.


freedom, adventure, everything that is different from them


feeling trapped in a relationship, pessimistic people, having to justify their activities

How can you seduce a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius has a direct approach, there's no need to beat about the bush. They like honest, cheerful and open people. On the other hand, if you reveal yourself too quickly, their interest will also diminish very quickly. Know that Sagittarius is always curious so will lose interest if they think they know everything about you. To maintain their interest, you will have to constantly surprise them and show that you are a real challenge for them. This implies that you will also have to accept the necessity of getting involved with their challenges. You should always be ready to get moving and set off on an adventure.

The moral of this tale is you'll need to be very fit, because a Sagittarius finds it difficult to understand that you might have difficulty keeping up with them. Moreover, they hate lack of enthusiasm, so don't use irony to rain on their parade. You should also know that Sagittarius can be a little paternalistic, so if they give you advice, try not to take umbrage, they have your best interests at heart!

« For me, love is like a great adventure, there must always be the unforeseen and exaltation. »

What's it like being in a couple with a Sagittarius?

In a couple with a Sagittarius life can be harmonious provided you respect a certain number of prerequisites. If you can leave them free to carry out their projects in the way they want, take them on exciting adventures and not be clingy your love story has every chance of lasting long-term.

When it comes to conflict, they hate it and you would certainly have to be at home before they will get into an argument. As they are always on the move, at work or in their leisure, there are few opportunities for this to happen.

From a domestic point of view, as Sagittarius hates repetition and routine, their partner will necessarily be the one who manages the everyday tasks at home. On the other hand, they are deeply involved in the education of their children, whether it is academic studies, their vision of life or their general conduct.

Sex – What does Sagittarius desire?

Sagittarius has no taboos and loves having sex. They see it as a kind of sport and are willing to try most things. They have no problem talking about their desires and expectations. For them, so long as it is fully consensual, it is a healthy act. They also feel sex has a spiritual side that helps them get to know their partner. That said, although they don't need to be in love to find pleasure in sex, if real feelings are added to the equation the act will be even more satisfying.

For Sagittarius, sex is like exploring an unknown country. You have to go there to discover all its benefits. They could be described as a sensual explorer, without false modesty. They also have a natural spontaneity which often leads to exceptional encounters under the covers. 

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