Do you know what Virgo is like in love?

It is no secret that Virgo is very introverted. They need to always be in control and don't show things on the surface. The rare times they allow themselves to be open are when they are in love but this won't last long, because they will pull back into themselves very quickly. For Virgos, people who are too extrovert are protecting a lack of self-confidence that is even bigger than their own. 

It might as well be said right now, Virgos will never reveal their emotions unless you put a knife to their throat. They find it impossible to express their emotions fully for fear they will be completely overwhelmed by them. And it's impossible for Virgo to contemplate losing control over how they feel. 


romance, thoughtfulness, decorum


rudeness, lack of education, scruffiness

What's it like being in a couple with a Virgo? 

From a practical point of view, living with a Virgo can be rather pleasant since they like making your life simple. Whether it's preparing meals, cleaning, raising children or keeping accounts, they make sure everything is perfect, as much to avoid problems for themselves as to help you avoid them! 

Emotionally, they always worry whether their partner really loves them and try to reassure themselves by accumulating the small details that display affection. So be careful not to forget their birthday or when you first met or they'll soon be worrying that they no longer matter to you. Moreover, since they tend not to talk about themselves very much, you'll have to help them learn to be more open. They often mistakenly assume you understand what they're thinking and you could miss something that's really important to them. 

« In love, I am difficult to conquer, but when I really love, I give everything to my true love. »

How can you seduce a Virgo?

Needless to say, even if they like you a lot, Virgo will never be the one who makes the first move. They will prefer to observe you from a distance, and then find a way to have a conversation in order to confirm whether they are right to be interested in you. In short, if you want to save time start getting to know them first, but don't try to rush things either because they hate it when things go too quickly. Don't try approaching them on the street because they are very suspicious, and don't try to meet up without phoning first. They hate the unexpected! 

At the beginning, plan for short meetings, like a coffee somewhere where there are a lot of people. If you arrive late and look scruffy you will immediately lose points. They need time to get used to new people and you'll need to accept that Virgo is the one asking the questions. They will reveal themselves little by little, once they know they can trust you. Only then will they relax and become friendlier. Above all, you need to be reassuring. Focus on your material security, your desire for emotional commitment and your sense of responsibility. 

Sex – What does Virgo desire? 

Despite their natural prudishness, Virgo enjoys sex. In fact, they often have a very passionate side in intimate moments, provided they have absolute confidence in their partner. They need to be sure that nothing that happens will be discussed with anyone else. What happens in bed, or elsewhere, needs to remain private.

As Virgos are very cerebral, they tend to lack imagination under the covers and are likely to ask their partners what they want to do. By scrupulously following their partner's wishes they feel there is no risk of upsetting them or of being rejected. Virgo likes things that are simple and straightforward, so long as sensual pleasure is involved. They are uncomfortable with trying something unusual and prefer the control of what they know. 

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