Do you know what Scorpio is like in love?

The most important thing to know is that Scorpio is an introverted sign. Most of what they feel they keep to themselves and they consider that external bonds are a source of danger. So they keep as much as they can private, for fear that knowledge could be turned against them. 

Scorpio is an entirely emotional being and all their reactions are instinctive. They may look hard and cold, or even ruthless sometimes, but they are slaves to their feelings. 

Contrary to what one might think, they don't try to overcome this but rather use their feelings as a reference, which seems to work for them. Thus, they always know where they are going and who to trust, or not.


fusional relationships, cuddling under the covers, mystery


hypocrisy, moral conventions, lack of passion

How to seduce a Scorpio?

To approach a Scorpio, you will need plenty of patience because this sign likes to look before they leap. The Scorpio is always on guard too, so they will approach you when they feel ready, and not before. They are reluctant to tell you things about themselves but will want to know everything about you before they decide whether you are for them or not.

Scorpio likes being private, so suggest a date somewhere quiet and cozy. Don't pressure them, they never rush to make decisions, let them decide at their own pace. Don't be all over them either, they hate clingy people. Above all, avoid being impulsive or vulgar! Show yourself to be sincere, interested in life and genuine and you should be able to go a long way together.

« In love, I only know extremes: either I love passionately, or I loathe intensely! »

What's it like being in a couple with a Scorpio?

If you have reached the stage where you share a Scorpio's life, you have passed all their tests with flying colors. Congratulations! Now you are the beneficiary of a very dedicated, protective, fusional Scorpio. However, you will need to get used to the fact that although they can be tender at some times, they can also be distant at others. Scorpios need to spend time alone to sort out where they are in life, but you shouldn't imagine that means they no longer love you. 

Even if they don't need to be stuck to you like glue, because, yes, Scorpios prefer independent people who know how to be self-sufficient, a little physical distance doesn’t make them any less fusional. Loyal and faithful, there will be only you in their heart and their life as long as they do not feel betrayed in any way.

Sex – What does Scorpio desire?

The sexual needs of the Scorpio are quite compelling and they have no shame in admitting to them, or to their need for a partner who can satisfy them. They love a bit of bedroom gymnastics with their partner. Sexuality plays a very important role in Scorpio's life because it helps them to temporarily relieve their anxieties, recharge their energy and ease the pressure.

Under the covers, Scorpios can give free rein to a temperament given to extremes and can be pretty uninhibited. Scorpio always oscillates between pain and pleasure, fantasies and transgressions, rupture and reconciliation, seduction and caresses, creating a joyful whirlpool of sensations in bed. Scorpio is very turned towards eroticism. It is the ideal playground for their tortuous character, and skillful manipulation of passion, seduction and fascination.

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