Do you know what Leo is like in love?

Leo is rather extroverted, capable of communicating what they think as well as what they feel. They need to express anything that affects them, whether close to home or far away, and everything that they like or dislike. They won't spend days sulking in a corner about things unless their ego has been flattened and they need to find a way to bounce back. 

They are always careful to keep their pride intact, so never show weakness and are unlikely to put themselves in a position where they can be mocked. In short, no one is more forthright than a Leo. When they've got something on their mind, they'll talk about it straight away, preferably face to face. They don't like doing things in a roundabout way. They will always choose the direct route to clear things up.


honesty, elegance, being admired


pettiness, hypocrisy, feeling undervalued

What's it like being in a relationship with a Leo? 

As long as Leo feels fulfilled and feels their partner is interested in them, they are fairly easy to live with. They can be joyful, humorous and spontaneous and make your life feel like a fairy tale. For a Leo to be happy they simply need to feel loved, respected and admired. Once they feel that, they will be able to return anything you give them a hundredfold. 

You should know that if you live with a Leo, they will often put their own desires and needs before yours. You'll need to gently make them understand that they are no longer alone and it would be nice for them to think of what you need too. Since they don't like to hurt those they love, they will do what is necessary to rectify the situation. 

« In love, as in every other area of my life, there is only room for people who admire and respect me. »

How can you seduce a Leo?

The first thing to know about Leo is that it is out of the question to be dishonest with them. They have an internal lie detector that also works with hypocrites.
They have nothing against making the first move towards a relationship and if you interest them will let you know quickly. A look, a special tone of voice, a smile ... With Leo, the signals are quite easy to interpret. 

If you want to please, be complimentary but honest, don't exaggerate because they find it easy to hear when you're not sincere. Pay attention to your own style and make sure you look your best, Leo do not like people who neglect themselves because it could damage their image by association. Suggest dates in beautiful or fashionable places. In the early days, avoid discussions that are too serious and that will kill the atmosphere. Save the existential questions for later when the relationship is more advanced. 

Sex – What does Leo desire? 

From the Leo's point of view, sex is the logical consequence of love. They can't even consider sharing intimate moments with someone they don't love. For this sign of the zodiac, physical relations require mutual respect and neither partner should try to dominate the other. Which means, whatever you do, don't try to dominate a Leo! For Leo, lovemaking is a game, a pleasure and a necessity for a fulfilling life as a couple. They cannot envisage a relationship without these moments of intimacy.

Under the covers, Leo likes to express their passionate nature. They can be so obsessed with performance that they can forget the primary point of the exercise is pleasure for both parties. Being considered a good lover is a real challenge for Leo. 

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