Do you know what Sagittarius is like at work?

The main ambition of Sagittarius is not to be bored! They love working in a team so long as everyone is in a positive state of mind and ready to actively strive for success. They understand that everyone has something to bring to the table, even though they naturally tend to want to impose their own vision. They are open to new ideas and as long as there is movement, they are happy. 

They are most happy where they can use their negotiating skills or can teach others what they know. The only thing they definitely do not want is to be locked in an office for 8 hours without seeing anyone. Offer them a job where they can move around, chat and charm their clients into awarding them a difficult contract and you will get the happiest Sagittarius in the zodiac.


to negotiate, to move, to help colleagues


badly placed authority, repetitive tasks, working without enjoying it

What are Sagittarius' favorite professions?

As Sagittarius never stays still and has a passion for travel, a career as cabin staff or a tour operator is ideal. This combines their taste for foreign languages and different cultures and their communication skills. This sign's overflowing imagination and creativity mean they can also excel in the fields of art and literature.

Their skills in negotiation and ability to convince make Sagittarius a great international salesperson, especially in the import/export sector. A career in diplomacy is quite conceivable because they can count on their ability to remain cool under pressure. In fact, it's at times like these that a Sagittarius comes to the fore. There are also many Sagittarius who are interpreters, tourist guides and foreign language teachers. This sign of the zodiac often seeks the recognition of the public, so also enjoys being an actor, comic or artist. 

« I am the king of negotiation! »

How can you work with a Sagittarius and avoid conflict?

Sagittarius always respect their superiors but are not usually impressed by them. They are not the type to beg for favors. They prefer to work with people who consider them equals but without too much familiarity. As a boss, they know how to be magnanimous, friendly and pleasant. On the other hand, things need to be done properly!

To avoid conflict with them, always be kind and honest. If there is a problem, Sagittarius can explode and reveal everything they know about the colleague who caused the problem in order to encourage others to take against them too. As they hate a bad working atmosphere, they will do everything possible to calm it, whatever anyone else may say. They will never go to a manager to settle a dispute, they prefer to do it themselves, even if they aren't very tactful about it.

What's a Sagittarius' relationship to money and work?

For Sagittarius, anything can happen in the world of work. They believe that a meeting or good idea could change their lives overnight. For them, it just boils down to a mixture of opportunity and good luck. On the money side, Sagittarius spend what they earn without any thought for the future. 

They often oscillate between being rolling in money and being completely broke. As they are incredibly lucky, they often manage to get out of financial trouble but also have a tendency to gamble which can play havoc with their situation. Sagittarius is very generous and does not hesitate to offer gifts to those they love. They will also spend any amount to satisfy their pleasures, which sometimes makes it difficult to cover the expenses of daily life. 

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