Do you know what Virgo is like at work?

For Virgo, being unemployed is hell. They cannot bear feeling useless or not being able to earn enough to take care of their family. They may even lose sleep until they find a stable job. Their ideal job is therefore one which is permanent and uses their abilities to organize and anticipate. 

Working in a team is not really Virgo's cup of tea. They much prefer to be solely responsible for organizing their work as they see fit, not being slowed down by colleagues, and with the calm they need to concentrate. That said, when they have no choice, they will work in a team without begrudging it. Their logical and rational approach is a strength that helps them work well in a team. Virgo fully understands that work is an essential part of life and that if they work conscientiously and hard, they will always get through it.


being methodical, being useful, having control over everything


chaos, disorder, putting themselves in the spotlight

What are Virgo's favorite professions?

Given their obsession with order, hygiene and cleanliness, Virgo often turns to medical professions. Even though they hate germs, they love helping others more. So they can often be doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, nurses, etc. Their keen sense of organization, storage and classification also make them very good librarians, booksellers, publishers or writers. 

As they are very comfortable in the field of human relations, they can function well in professions that require good communication skills. Virgo is a sign that listens to others and makes it easier for them to express themselves. So it's not unusual to find them working as psychologists, social workers, education advisors or journalists. It is no secret that Virgo is a perfectionist and picky with it, so they have a predisposition to professions that require extreme precision such as mathematician, accountant, computer scientist, statistician, watchmaker, administrative officer, etc.

« A well-ordered job strengthens my sense of security. »

How can you work with a Virgo and avoid conflicts?

Working with a Virgo is not complicated so long as you respect their space and ensure they get the recognition they deserve for the effort they've made. They generally have no problem with authority. In fact, they find it reassuring that someone else takes on the role of referee to maintain order in their workplace.

To avoid conflict, do not interfere in their work and do not cause them trouble or you'll quickly become an enemy. If you question or cause someone else to question their productivity, you risk a clinically calculated backlash. You can count on Virgo to hit you where it hurts, using razor sharp sarcasm and letting you know exactly what your colleagues have to say about you when your back is turned. You have been warned!

What's a Virgo's relationship to money and work?

Virgo's relationship to money is straightforward. They neither glorify nor belittle it. For them, money is required to pay for the necessities of life, nothing more and nothing less, so it has to be earned. Virgo always has some savings somewhere that they don't talk about to others. If they have to spend a lot of money, you can be sure they have it covered somehow, because they never take any financial risks.

They are reluctant to borrow money and only lend it if they are sure that it will be paid back. 
From the money they earn they are careful to save for old age or a rainy day. They don't spend a lot of money on themselves but do like to buy a few things each year.

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