Do you know what Taurus is like at work?

Taurus has no dreams of greatness. They do not like challenge or being required to show they are the strongest or the smartest. All they ask is to be allowed to work quietly all day and return home in the evening with a sense of accomplishment. They don't aspire to take the boss' place because they don't like taking any risks in their professional life. 

The only thing that really motivates them is safety. They may be workaholics but they don't do it to receive praise. They expect their pay to reflect their efforts and won't say no to a promotion that can improve their purchasing power.

Taurus does not tolerate being unemployed, not so much because a lack of work eats at their self-confidence as because fear of a lack of income completely undermines them. They will do their best to get out of that sort of situation as quickly as possible. They are willing to do any job so long as they can fulfil their main priority, to earn enough money to enable them and their family to live peacefully.


clear objectives, being able to control everything, concrete results


teamwork, leading, having big responsibilities

What are Taurus' favorite professions?

Taurus will always opt for a profession that guarantees them long-term financial security because their greatest fear is the lack of money. As they are very preoccupied by this, they will be found in activities related to the financial sector and especially in anything concerning management. Taurus is therefore a very good financier, trader or even banker.

Taurus is also very attached to the earth, animals and nature in general. As a result, they will often be farmers, gardeners, winemakers, breeders or even veterinarians. Taurus is epicurean and loves everything that is beautiful and good. Therefore, they will be found in the esthetic professions such as hairdressing or interior decoration, as well as around food, which is one of their favorite things. 

« I never work for glory because any effort deserves pay and my financial safety is essential. »

How can you work with a Taurus and avoid conflict?

When a Taurus is at work, they will take on heavy loads if asked and colleagues may see them as crawlers. But they do this more to reassure themselves about what they are capable of than to get in their employer's good books. Generally, Taurus do not need to play hardball in order to earn respect as they tend to set limits from the outset. 

They are always kind but make it clear that if you don't bother them, they won't bother you! If, however, you do decide to test their limits they will react, although without overstepping what is professionally acceptable so as not to risk their job. On the other hand, they will bear an eternal grudge against whoever caused them the problem. That person will never receive any further help or support from Taurus!

What's a Taurus' relationship to money and work?

It needs to be said that Taurus never jokes when it comes to money. For them, having sufficient income is their way of guaranteeing security in the face of life's difficulties. They will, therefore, always be sensible and economical, ensuring they have some savings put by in case of emergency.

Taurus does not really enjoy their money, they prefer to invest it in something tangible and solid, like real estate. Every purchase must be useful to them. If they do find themselves in financial difficulties, their ability to work really hard usually gets them out again. And if they have to start from scratch a sensible, patient and attentive management of their resources will allow them to reach their objectives.

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