Do you know what Leo is like at work?

Leo does not like being dominated or told what to do, so their ideal is to create their own job. If they can combine their passion with their job and work independently, they are the happiest sign of the zodiac. Their desire is a job that combines creativity and social recognition. And if the hours could adapt to their body clocks, because they are not really morning people, that would be the absolute dream.

What really motivates them at work is the prospect of a good salary and the feeling that they are valued. They have no desire to be anonymous. Leos are willing to take on responsibilities provided that they are well paid and that their manager is exemplary, because it is out of the question that a Leo should get through a huge amount of work and see someone else take credit for it.

Leo is a gem of an employee because they are meticulous and will always give the best of themselves, without clock watching. As a boss, Leo leads a team perfectly and knows how to motivate employees to achieve the best possible results.


responsibility, learning new methods, having their merit recognized


low blows, losing their credibility, petty colleagues

What are Leo's favorite professions?

As Leo likes to shine and be at the center of the stage, jobs in the world of entertainment suit them. Everything related to performance and the artistic fields fit very well with Leo's personality. They make excellent singers, actors and comedians, but also good managers, agents and event organizers. They are also at home in advertising because they feel comfortable with professions that involve communication. This means Leo can also excel in journalism and politics as well as in luxury trades like jewelry and fashion. 

Leo is also renowned for skills in negotiating so can be an entrepreneur or work in finance or on the stock exchange. They appreciate action, protecting others and they respect the law, so many Leos are in the police, army, fire brigade, etc. 

« For me, work is inseparable from social recognition. »

How can you work with a Leo and avoid conflict?

To work in harmony with a Leo, avoid pettiness and never threaten their credibility or you'll trigger monumental anger. If you want to get along well at work, make sure you recognize their merits. They like working in a team, providing there aren't any other strong people like them in the group as that could create some sparks. 

If you don't want to generate conflict, don't go talking about colleagues behind their backs as Leo cannot abide gossip. At work, if concrete results have yet to be seen and they notice their colleagues are giving up, Leo won't mince words in order to sort things out.

What's a Leo's relationship to money and work?

Leo has an ambivalent relationship with money. They like to have some, so they can treat themselves to anything they want and also spoil their loved ones. Unfortunately, they are not very economical. And sometimes they find themselves in trouble because they don't know how to limit themselves. The moral of this story is that Leo only works so they can pay for the things they want.

As they tend to have a taste for luxury the monthly salary can quickly disappear on designer clothes, accessories and trinkets that they don't really need. But what can you do? Their image is priceless to them!

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