Do you know what Scorpio is like at work?

Scorpio does not have dreams of glory, and they are fair and loyal, both as employees and as bosses. That said, this sign is very competitive and tends to keep their own needs at the forefront of their minds when it comes to their careers. They are not interested in teamwork, nor in the idea of making friends with colleagues. 

In short, they are at work to carve their place in a world of sharks, to obtain concrete results and above all, not to say anything to anyone that could compromise them. On the other hand, they will want to know everything about their employees in order to know whether they are trustworthy or not.

Scorpios love change and it is not uncommon for them to have a very eclectic resume. Their ideal job would be one linked to their passion, and if it helps them get a better understanding of the world and what makes people tick, even better. Above all, this sign loves to uncover secrets, take risks and be independent.


looking for information, teaching themselves new things, dissecting ideas


authority, teamwork, hypocrisy

What are Scorpios' favorite professions?

In the professional field, the main strengths of Scorpios are tenacity, firm decision making, an intuitive ability to understand the functioning of the human soul and the ability to keep secrets. So, Scorpios make good doctors, including excellent surgeons, because they know how to act in a crisis without losing their composure. 

Scorpios also make competent gynecologists and sexologists because no subject is taboo for them. Their analytical skills help to make them very good therapists, such as psychologists or psychiatrists.

Scorpios are also gifted in the political field because they do not shrink from the difficulty of the profession and know how to adapt. This sign also has a predisposition to conduct investigations and uncover small details that make all the difference in solving a case. Scorpios therefore make good private detectives, police or military thanks to their ability to assess people and anticipate danger. Attracted by mystery, esotericism and everything that is paranormal, Scorpios are also good astrologers, seers or mediums.

« I always give the best of myself at work and I don't let go until I am completely satisfied. »

How can you work with a Scorpio and avoid conflict?

To work in harmony with a Scorpio, be polite, respectful and not too curious about them. They hate people who want to find out personal details to pass on to others. When there is a problem, Scorpio will never attack first. 

They are even capable of allowing a situation to escalate to a point of no return before they feel legitimately entitled to retaliate. And don't be mistaken, it might look like everything is water off a duck's back to them but in reality they will pay you back a hundredfold if pushed. They will always give what they receive, even if it means risking dismissal. Remember that nothing scares them so it's better to be in their good books!

What's a Scorpio's relationship to money and work?

It cannot be said that the Scorpio is a true ant, in fact they are more like the cicada that spends whatever it has, and often more. They know they can't take their money to the grave so prefer to ensure they enjoy it while they're alive. They don't like borrowing money and are more likely to sell their possessions than ask for a loan. On the other hand, if someone they love asks for help, they will give without counting the cost.

The Scorpio works mainly so they can fund their leisure and passions. Spending on hobbies and passions is so important they will even go without food to do so. 

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