Do you know what the Leo child is like?

Sentimental, warm, generous

The Leo child knows how to be adorable and endearing, and, in fact, manages to make themselves loved by everyone. Whether it's their classmates, teachers or even the school principal, everyone admires them. Generally good students, they have good results in most subjects.

Since they hate being last, they will do their best to be in first place if possible. Even though they don't generally need pushing in order to succeed, they don't like it if someone goes behind their back to check their schoolwork has been done properly. Above all, they want admiration and expect encouragement and compliments from their parents. 


provoking admiration, being the center of interest, showing off their academic success


to be offended, to have someone steal their limelight, authority

What is the Leo baby like?

Charming, intelligent, capricious

The Leo baby has a noble and generous heart, they quickly know what they want and won't give up, even when their parents say no. From early childhood they know how to get noticed and use their charm to get what they want. As a parent, you will need to be strong when faced with a child that wants to dominate and is very proud, even when very young.

The Leo baby will keep seeking attention and is capable of serious tantrums if they feel left out. From an early age, they like to be in the limelight and demand unwavering love from mom and dad. 

What is the Leo teenager like?

Demanding, theatrical, sociable

Living with a teenage Leo takes a lot of patience. They don't hesitate to tell their parents they are no longer up to date, or even completely old fashioned! They are more sociable than they are kind but will always be generous to those they consider their "tribe". They are very demanding about their clothes, cosmetics or food. They have luxurious tastes and tend to excess, occupying the bathroom for hours, overdoing the make-up or spending every waking hour playing their sport.

The Leo teenager is rarely at home as they have a very busy schedule with friends, at the mall and, in love. And yes, love is top of the list of things that preoccupy teenage Leos. They take it very seriously, even though they are rather fickle. 

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