Do you know what the Sagittarius child is like?

Warm, sharing, independent

A Sagittarius child is easily recognizable. Bright and fearless, they are the one all the other children are gathered around in the playground. They like to be the leader and bring the other children in their wake. In class, they often put up their hand, not just because they know the answer, but because they love communicating. If they are asked to concentrate and make an effort they can, but it will only last a short while because Sagittarius hates sitting still for any length of time. On the other hand, they are always up for sport, at school or at home, and, if possible, lots of it, as it's a great way to use up all the energy they have.

Sagittarius is a sociable and warm child, easily excitable and with lots of different relationships. They idealize the people they love, endowing them with every good quality. And Sagittarius are always ready to help those they love and get them back on the right path if necessary. Sagittarius enjoys sharing and is not jealous, envious or possessive; so very easy to live with on a daily basis. 


contact with others, having the role of leader, exploring their environment


promises not kept, sitting in one place, focusing for a long time on a specific task

What is the Sagittarius baby like?

Enthusiastic, dynamic, curious

The Sagittarius baby is dreamy and an explorer. They love exploring and experimenting. Life is discovered by taking apart their stuffed animals and dismantling their toys. Always in a good mood, this child explores life while laughing. And you'll find it very difficult to scold a Sagittarius as they'll imitate you as soon as you start. The Sagittarius baby is very sociable, and a real ray of sunshine. 

They find it easy to get used to their parents, their friends, or a babysitter and enjoy being taken for a walk. It's easy to see the traveler they will become from the enjoyment they get out of a simple ride in a stroller. So, as soon as they can walk, you'll need to impose limits as they rapidly want to try everything and do what they want.

What is the Sagittarius teenager like?

Sociable, jovial, demonstrative

Sagittarius doesn't have too many problems with adolescence. They may have some friction with their parents but it never lasts long because Sagittarius doesn't let their anger fester and dialogue is quickly re-established. They love travel, discovering the world, new foreign languages, exotic dishes... So don't be surprised if they fall in love with someone from a different culture, it will spice up their life and your life at home. In love as in their studies, they tend to get excited really quickly only to change partner or career path just as quickly.

The Sagittarius teenager very quickly wants to acquire their independence, to get their driver’s license, get a job or leave home. But don't be afraid, they always come back!

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