Do you know what the Taurus child is like?

Calm, orderly, pragmatic

The child born under the sign of Taurus always does what they want to do, so be warned! You cannot make them do something against their will and if you do force them to behave as you want, it will always be done sulkily. If you compel them even a little bit, they will be muttering under their breath to signal their discontent. The little Taurus is therefore already a very stubborn being but they have a pleasant personality, despite everything. As long as you show them affection, they will do what you ask on condition they understand the logic behind it. 

They are very affectionate and adorable children, who love cuddles. The more you kiss them, the happier they'll be. They will be more inclined to show their affection to the people they feel safe with. The Taurus child is very calm, and generally not impulsive, at least as long as you don't upset them, because at that point their reactions can be unpredictable. 


hugs, artistic activities, charming the people around them


authority, lies, being the center of attention

What is the Taurus baby like?

Quiet, easy-going, charming

The Taurus baby is a greedy being, presaging the gourmet they will become later. They are not in a hurry, so will take their time learning to walk or teething. Even as a baby, Taurus appreciates nature, so will love discovering the fragrance of flowers and will enjoy the different textures of the outdoors.

This little being has a huge need for stability and does not appreciate having their schedules or habits changed. They like to sense their mother nearby; it reassures them and gives them confidence. 

What is the Taurus teenager like?

Sensitive, methodical, persevering

The transition between childhood and adolescence is delicate for Taurus because change makes them feel profoundly insecure and they don't like it. Since they are very conservative, they may withdraw into themselves. They can also take refuge in food when faced with situations they don't understand, or if hurt, as they are very sensitive to criticism. 

Taurus teenagers have great difficulty separating themselves from their parents and being ok with the fact they have to grow up and become independent. On the other hand, they already have a very clear idea of the power of money. They will quickly find ways to make pocket money to buy what they want or to save up for something they've dreamed about. 

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