Do you know what the Virgo child is like?

Adaptable, helpful, intelligent

The Virgo child is a model of calmness and obedience. They don't like making waves and prefer to make their disapproval known in roundabout ways. And once they understand that something can't be changed, they will adapt and make the best of a bad job. The Virgo child usually works very well in school. They want to be perfect, so work tirelessly to get the best results in every subject and even if they are brilliant tend to undervalue themselves. They think they aren't as good as the other children around them. They are very shy and always think people are judging them. 

Virgo children need to be reassured and encouraged by their parents. They have a deep need for affection, even if they don't express it. They are children who will rarely ask for something but need daily gestures of affection to soothe their anxiety. 


respecting the rules, having good grades, mind games


asserting themselves, hurrying, taking risks

What is the Virgo baby like?

Shy, cautious, impressionable

From their earliest days, Virgo babies need reassuring habits. They are children who need regular daily benchmarks and hate having their environment changed. If you turn their schedule upside down, they won't get angry but will internalize their anxiety and nervousness. The Virgo baby is very cautious and will need to be encouraged to be self-confident and sociable. From very early on, they will be thorough and show evidence of good thinking skills. 

The Virgo baby is not one to scramble about all over the place looking for adventure, they will usually enjoy quiet games. Even as a baby Virgo does not like the unexpected and their worry about the unknown may stop them getting to sleep easily. 

What is the Virgo teenager like?

Mature, lucid, hypersensitive

With a Virgo teenager you don't need to anticipate shouting and doors slamming. It is really not in their temperament to revolt. The Virgo teenager tends to be overwhelmed by their emotions and by the physical changes of puberty. They are already very secretive and will easily turn inwards on themselves, which requires increased vigilance from their parents. Because they are sensitive and naturally anxious, this period where everything feels bigger and more important than normal can be very difficult for them. 

The Virgo teenager is mature and always prefers well marked paths that scrupulously respect convention. This makes them an easy teenager to be with but not necessarily easy to understand. 

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