Do you know what the Scorpio child is like?

Fusional, exclusive, curious

Scorpio children often experience emotional roller coasters and have difficulty managing their reactions. One moment they can worship the ground you walk on, if you bow to their every wish, and the next hate you just as much because you have dared to punish them for something. 

In fact, Scorpio children are never as happy as when they think they are pulling the strings and in control of their world. Scorpios are not happy to get siblings because they perceive this as a form of betrayal. They have an overwhelming need to be the only one their parents love.

They are just as jealous when it comes to friendship. Scorpio children want to be the sole object of attention of their friends. Those friends who would like to play with other children should beware the Scorpio. To avoid problems like this, Scorpio children will often play alone or focus on a single best friend who needs them and so will be faithful. For Scorpio children friendship is life and death! At school, they often feel persecuted because they hate being told what to do. That said, if they are interested by what is being taught, they can excel. Otherwise, they can be as stubborn as a mule when it comes to school. 


playing one-on-one, using their critical sense, making their own decisions


betrayal, obeying adults, submitting to any authority

What is the Scorpio baby like?

Complex, instinctive, endearing

From birth, Scorpio babies know very well how to assert themselves. If they could be born screaming "no", they would be! From a very young age they have a noticeably contradictory attitude and know how to express themselves if something is not right for them. Basically, if your Scorpio baby has decided it's not time to eat, there is no way you are going to make them. 

Like all water signs, the Scorpio is very emotional, they capture what's going on around them and absorb moods better than anyone. They find darkness and silence very frightening, so a night light is essential. Be aware that Scorpio babies show their jealous temperament very early on. It is out of the question for them to share their parents with siblings who they consider to be intruders. 

What is the Scorpio teenager like?

Rebellious, excessive, hypersensitive

For Scorpio, adolescence is a very complicated time. They live intensely and can go from laughter to tears in the blink of an eye. A rebel or even a revolutionary, Scorpio teenagers can be in constant conflict with their parents. They are very secretive and it's difficult to know whereabouts they are in their development. If you try to get information by force or trickery, you'll just make them angry. 

The Scorpio teenager is very adept at manipulating others to get what they want so it's best to show them as soon as possible that you aren't taken in by their trickery. By nature very fusional, they have a lot of trouble accepting breakups, whether romantic or with friends.

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