Do you know how Leo behaves in family life?

Leo has a rather traditionalist vision of the family and is definitely not anti-marriage. For them, marriage signals the strength of their love and they are particularly fond of long-term commitments. Even if it's not very romantic, marriage for a Leo represents a logical step in their love story. Of course, they imagine this special day surrounded by all their family and friends, in an idyllic setting with beautiful music and great food, and because their image is so important, they are capable of spending an astronomical sum on the event. 

Leos adore children and cannot envisage life without them. They like the idea of being an educator, with lots of children. Of course, they will make demanding parents who expect their children to strive to be the best they can. If life doesn't deliver on this front, they will often become mentors so they can pass on their knowledge. 


educating, activities that use up their energy, showing youngsters the way


disappointing their loved ones, badmouthing, being pushed around

5 reasons why Leo is a good parent

  • Leo parents are strict but fair. They always act as teachers; explaining to a child why they are being stopped or punished. 
  • The Leo parent always exercises benevolent authority but also demands respect. In fact, they are usually natural leaders, either through their words or their deeds.
  • The Leo parent is very protective towards their children but doesn't believe in mollycoddling them. On the contrary, they ensure that even young children have the skills they need to tackle life, even if it does mean letting them take some risks. 
  • The Leo parent is not a great cuddler. They tend to show their affection through the principles they seek to teach their children. 
  • Leo parents know what they want in terms of education for their children and appreciate having this acknowledged. As human beings, they naturally need recognition for their dedication and respect for what they do. 

« For me, the family is sacred and I do everything in my power to protect it. »

How can you manage a family conflict with a Leo?

In the event of a family conflict with a Leo, they won't let it fester and will come in person to set the record straight. They won't deal with it by phone or by message. They prefer face to face for sorting things out. Because of their pride, Leos don't let anyone insult them, although if the insult comes from someone they love very much they may temper their reaction in order to try to fix the situation.

The person must still sincerely regret what has happened. On the other hand, in they are seriously betrayed there will be no going back because a Leo's dignity must always remain intact. 

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