Do you know how Virgo behaves in family life?

It may seem a bit calculating of them, but Virgo always sees things from the pragmatic side. Which means they don't have an idyllic, and even less a romantic, vision of marriage. Creating a formal alliance with someone is an opportunity to pool what they have to do and be stronger together. Despite the feelings of love they have for their partner, they do not separate the practical aspect of marriage from the sentimental one. Virgo's choice will always be for someone serious about life, and that includes their finances and their ability to act independently. Above all, they are very careful not to get involved in relationships that could bring them problems they don't need. 

When it comes to children, they are welcome provided the Virgo has absolute faith in their prospective co-parent. And that's given they haven't already driven themselves mad thinking about the possible difficulties of parenthood! It takes a lot of psychological work for Virgo to prepare for being a parent. 


being in control, managing daily life, meeting the needs of the family


worrying about their loved ones, lack of thoroughness, feeling useless

5 reasons why Virgo is a good parent

  • The Virgo parent is clear-sighted, courteous and thoughtful; they don't like a fuss. All that matters is to feel useful and fully committed to the family happiness they want to create. 
  • The Virgo parent is very attentive to their children's needs. They always try to take the best decisions to create harmony and security. 
  • The Virgo parent is always tactful, patient and gentle. They are devoted to making a comfortable life for their children and consider every detail. 
  • The Virgo parent knows how to protect, explain their decisions and set clear limits for their children. Their children may attempt to manipulate them but it won't work. They get straight to the point and do not allow themselves to be distracted from their objective. 
  • Virgo is a very patient parent. It is important that their children become responsible adults with a keen sense of their duties and obligations. Their biggest challenge is not to inflict their own existential anxieties on their children, so the children can grow serenely. 

« Always well organized, I manage my family like a well-oiled machine. For my own peace of mind, I control everything from A to Z. »

How can you manage a family conflict with a Virgo?

If a conflict breaks out between a Virgo and a member of their family, they will be unable to pretend or hide how they feel. As you may have guessed, they will be even more sarcastic than usual and will make no effort to support you in any way. They'll nitpick anything and everything. They'll keep letting you know what's upset them until you crack and acknowledge what you've done wrong. 

If you want to get out of the situation, try a long, honest discussion. If it's possible, they will forgive you. Nevertheless, they will always remain suspicious of you and will no longer trust you as before. 

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