Do you know how Taurus behaves in family life?

Taurus is usually found in a very traditional family setting. For them, family means marriage and children, because this gives them the sense of security and solidity that they seek. So, they take marriage very seriously and see it as a commitment that should rend a union almost indestructible. Intellectually, they know very well that this is not always the case, but psychologically, this gives them the impression that their relationship will be more solid. 

For Taurus, becoming a parent is almost a necessity. However, they will never embark on a pregnancy without being sure they can provide financially for their child and that they are 100% sure they have found the right person to share it with. If these conditions are not met, they will turn to other projects, such as creating a business, in order to have the feeling they have given life to something and helped it grow. 


a cozy home, family reunions, traditions


to lend money, lies, to admit they are wrong

5 reasons why a Taurus is a good parent

  • The Taurus parent has a highly developed parental instinct. They are warm and attentive to their children. Their calmness, joy in life and patience are their main traits. 
  • The Taurus parent is ultra-protective of their children and wants to control everything they do, even if it means being invasive. The way they see, they’re not being intrusive, they are making sure their children are safe and secure.  
  • The Taurus parent is patient with all the everyday tasks: homework, bath time, sports, doctors' appointments, etc. They do them without hesitation.
  • The Taurus parent likes to pass on their sense of values, including perseverance, respect and good manners. In addition, they love giving their children practical advice. 
  • The Taurus parent rarely gets upset but if they do get angry it will serve as an example that establishes discipline at home. 

« My family is my most valuable support. »

How can you manage a family conflict with a Taurus?

Managing a family conflict with a Taurus can be tricky, especially if they get very angry. This type of anger usually erupts as a result of an accumulation of frustrations and injustices, sometimes suffered for years without them having said anything. Then one fine day, a small detail causes the volcano to erupt and you won't be able to do anything to stop it. In order to spare yourself this kind of situation, don't yell at them, thinking that Taurus isn't bothered by it. 

On the contrary, Taurus internalizes and thinks about everything, letting you believe that everything is fine until the day they say “no” once and for all. And don't think this is just hot air, if they say it, they mean it, they'll never take it back. 

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