Do you know how Sagittarius behaves in family life?

The life of Sagittarius is more or less divided into two parts. The first is dedicated to adventure, youth and freedom. What's more, during this period, Sagittarius loves being single because that leaves them free to do anything and go anywhere without being accountable to anyone. Later, with maturity and wisdom, the idea of founding a family and sharing everything they have learned becomes attractive. It's just another form of adventure.

Marriage in the traditional sense may appeal to them, but not at the very beginning of their lives. If ardor and haste lead them to marry too soon, there's a good chance the union won't last. On the other hand, Sagittarius is delighted with the idea of becoming a parent, even if they try to avoid the less pleasant aspects such as diapers, sleepless nights and teething. They love the idea of being able to transmit knowledge and seeing their children grow.


voicing their opinions, being completely free, educating themselves


having their faults pointed out, negative people, feeling fear

5 reasons why Sagittarius is a good parent

  • The Sagittarius parent likes the good things of life and is full of energy. They are often in a hurry and can be thoughtless but usually get out of trouble with panache.
  • The Sagittarius parent is always full of zest for life and has a keen sense of humor. Their goal is to see their children well integrated into society, at ease there and enthusiastic about life.
  • Even though the Sagittarius parent never stays still, they are fully committed to their responsibilities. Moreover, they never miss an opportunity to teach their children that being able to live serenely with others is a good philosophy of life.
  • Sagittarius constantly stimulates their children to teach them the basics of life and broaden their vision. Their goal is that their children should never settle for a single point of view. They want to ensure any lessons they give will be useful throughout their children's lives.
  • The Sagittarius parent is idealistic and frank. They teach their children not to act the victim and will always push them to react rather than descend into pessimism.

« I may look completely indomitable but with my children, I take my role as an educator with the utmost seriousness. »

How can you manage a family conflict with a Sagittarius?

In a family conflict, the first reflex of Sagittarius is to leave, to escape and to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the person they have difficulties with. They need time to breathe and take stock of the situation on their own. The further away they can get, the more they'll find the pressure and the anger dissipating. Then they'll come back to make things right. They assume that problems will never last for a long time and any situation will inevitably improve, so convince themselves that everything will be better after a short while.

Generally, Sagittarius's state of mind can easily be read on their face and if they feel their backs are against the wall can be as angry as a Leo. The moral of this tale is that it's better to let the storm pass and only then try to talk calmly to Sagittarius.

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