Do you know how Scorpio behaves in family life?

Having carefully taken the time to observe their parents, Scorpio is not in a hurry to become an adult and to take on the difficulties of everyday life. Despite their desire to be independent they never delude themselves about adult life, which is one reason they want to earn a good salary so they are able to help their loved ones.

Scorpio has a poor opinion of marriage and finds it a hypocritical institution. They don't need a piece of paper to tell them they can live with the person they love. Moreover, marriage is no guarantee that a relationship will last forever and so they prefer to stay away from legal unions. 

This sign is also not focused on the idea of becoming a parent. In fact, it all depends on what they experienced in their own childhood. They worry about reproducing destructive family patterns or bringing a child into a decadent world. In short, as I'm sure you've understood, Scorpio is not ready to have children just to satisfy their own wants or conform to what society expects.


to keep things private, to recharge their batteries alone, to have a tight-knit clan


anyone attacking their loved ones, making their family suffer, lack of loyalty

5 reasons Scorpio is a good parent

  • The Scorpio parent is charming but has a diabolical intuition, which means they can tell almost instantly if their offspring are doing something they shouldn't. They have no problem guessing what they haven't been told so are always one step ahead.
  • The Scorpio parent is possessive, has a very decided character and can be very cutting sometimes. On the other hand, they conceal a very intense affection for and powerful attachment to their children.
  • The Scorpio parent is very devoted and even overly loving, and is capable of neglecting their own needs in order to take care of their children.
  • Scorpio parents are authoritarian, but subtly so, and encourage their children to approach life with enthusiasm and determination.
  • Scorpio parents encourage their children to trust each other. They are the parent to whom you can confess anything, even something really stupid. Their possessive nature can create tensions, but this encourages their children to cultivate their own independence, creativity and originality. 

« For me, family is essential. Without my clan, I don't exist. »

How should you manage a family conflict with a Scorpio?

Scorpio will never express their anger in a visible way. They are more likely to allow their resentment to fester and the longer things go on, the more it will grow. Scorpio is very resentful and unfortunately not known for sentimentality, especially if they were disappointed by what you did. 

The main clue you'll have is their coldness, punctuated with some stinging remarks. But in general, nothing in particular filters out until they are ready to pay you back in kind, which happens sooner or later. Be aware that Scorpio never leaves an offense unpunished and revenge is one of their main drivers. So, it's better to be honest with them from the start rather than have to deal with that sort of unpleasant situation. 

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